About Us

About Bakery Service LLC

From humble beginnings, Bakery Service, LLC has grown to become the world’s leading source for finding and delivering bakery machine parts and services.

Our History

Rick Evans, President of Bakery Equipment.com Inc. started his dot-com company in is basement in 1999. The company grew quickly, so he hired a sales team and began shipping bakery equipment around the world. Some equipment was new, some machines were used and needed a few repairs before being installed in a production facility. Rick didn’t trust just anyone to repair his equipment, so he found a dependable service company in Tipton, Missouri, he purchased a warehouse, bought the company, and retained the staff to repair his machines.

The shop Foreman, Kurt Minner, brought a diverse background from auto mechanics, HVAC installation and repair, refrigeration and electrical repair. While at BakeryEquipment.com he repaired and reconditioned bakery machines from a wide variety of well know international equipment suppliers used in bakeries around the world. Over the course of 10 years he became known as “the man with the answers” and shared his knowledge to better serve BakeryEquipment.com’s clients.

Angi Minner worked in the BakeryEquipment.com office balancing a multitude of duties, including researching, tracking down, and sourcing hard to find replacement parts. When a part needed fixed or replaced, it was brought to her and she worked to find the best quality replacement part at the best price. The information she accumulated was so valuable that a new parts department was added to the website to help supply replacement parts to bakeries around the world. Manufacturers discontinue parts regularly, and Angi took it upon herself to locate the hard to find parts, even if they have to be specially sourced and manufactured.

The parts department grew so much that Rick, Kurt, and Angi decided to create a company focused on supplying bakery equipment parts and services, and Bakery Service LLC was formed. A year into the business the website was live and calls were pouring in from around the world to purchase replacement parts.

Angi still enjoys the challenge of locating hard to find parts, and every day requests come in for items that aren’t listed on the website. We are still adding parts for vintage machines that bakeries use day in and day out, and we welcome the challenge of supplying your bakery’s parts and service needs.

Whether your machine is new or old, modern or vintage, complex or simple, there’s a good chance that Bakery Service LLC can supply any parts you need.