Everpure Model EV9325-23 Triple Cartridge w/Prefilter Water Filter System

Everpure Model EV9325-23 Triple Cartridge w/Prefilter Water Filter System


SKU: 14318 Manufacturer: Everpure Model: Everpure Model EV9325-23


Everpure Triple Cartridge w/Pre-Filter System
For Ice Machine Applications
Model EV9325-23
This filtration system delivers premium quality water for ice applications.  Used to reduce water related problems and to help prevent bacteria growth.    

Reduces ice machine problems caused by scale build-up from dirt and dissolved minerals.
New and improved Micro-Pure II media inhibits the growth of bacteria.
Reduces chlorine taste and odor and other offensive contaminates.
Self-contained scale inhibitor feed keeps equipment running properly and reduces service costs.
Reduces maintenance and service costs by reducing scale and clogging of distribution lines, evaporator plate and pump.
Pre-coat submicron technology reduces dirt and particles as small as 1/2 micron in size and reduces possible health contaminants.
20" pre-filter reduces dirt and particles.
Sanitary cartridge replacement is simple, quick and clean.  Internal filter parts are never exposed to handling or contamination.
Manifold features water shut off, flushing valve and outlet pressure gauge.

Installation Tips:
Choose a mounting location suitable to support the full weight of the system when operating.
Never use saddle valve for connection.
Use 3/4" water line.
Do not connect system to water-cooled condenser.
Install vertically with cartridges hanging down and allow 2 1/2" clearance below the cartridge for easy cartridge replacement.
Flush cartridges by running water through system for five minutes at full flow.

Operation Tips:
Change cartridges on a regular 6 month preventative maintenance program.
Change cartridges when capacity is reached or when pressure falls below 10 PSI.
Service flow rate must not exceed 5.0 GPM.
Always flush the filter cartridge at time of installation and cartridge change.

For ice machine applications.
Higher volume, higher flow and higher capacity ice machines.
Rated capacity : 36,000 gallons.

EV9612-32 – i4000 Replacement Cartridge
EV9534-26 – Pre-filter Cartridge

Dimensions-29.59" H x 25.75" W x 6" D
Inlet/Outlet Connection-3/4"
Pressure Req.-10 to 125 psi, non-shock
Temperature-35 to 100°F
Ship Weight-23 lbs.

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